All 4 Kids

P.U.R.E stands for Perseverance Unleashes Remarkable Energy.  P.U.R.E is not just a dance team, but a family who focuses on building character. We encourage our girls to set goals and to reach for the stars. Although our talented instructors teach a wide range of dances including Jazz, African, Majorette, Cheerleading, Pom, and Hip Hop, we have a vision for our girls and strive for excellence.

Character Building skills:






The purpose of B-MAC Bounce is to provide the fundamentals of basketball, good sportsmanship, hard work, dedication, team work, and life lesson through basketball. B-Mac Bounce travels to various states during the summer months to play in highly competitive basketball tournaments.

All 4 Kids  strives to provide age-appropriate activities and learning experiences. We give our children an opportunity to engage in competitive sports which helps build self character skills. It's imperative to give our youth the opportunity to become productive members of family, community, and society.

Non-profit organization

Education is key to success. Our reading program motivates children to read by rewarding their reading accomplishments with recognition, praise, and prizes. Each child is required to read a certain amount of books each month, record them in their reading logs, and submit a book report to their program leader. This program also provides free tutoring, homework help, and many great incentives.